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At Scotch Plains Family Chiropractic, we are proud to work cooperatively with many individual lawyers and large law firms. We are respected in both the medical and legal worlds as chiropractic specialists who are competent, objective, reliable, and reasonable. It is speficially because of our reputation that we are called upon to provide expert opinions and treatment for attorneys with both plantiff and defense concerns.

Plantiff attorneys know that when their clients use Scotch Plains Family Chiropractic, they will receive excellent quality care. Patients are treated using a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, they know that their clients will be properly diagnosed and treated with the quality they would want for a family member.

Defense attorneys recognize our service in claims review, malpractice assessment, biomechanical determinations, file review, and independent medical exams. Like plantiff attorneys, they recognize that objective opinions that are not influenced by the person paying the bill are of greatest value.

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