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A motor vehicle accident is a traumatic experience, both pschologically and physically. At Scotch Plains Family Chiropractic, we understand the bio-mechanical relationships that result in pain and discomfort following a motor vehicle accident and the common whiplash injury. Patients involved in traumatic injuries have special needs. Since traumatic injuries often involve high velocity and violent movements which have the potential to damage bones, muscles, ligaments, nerve and organ structures, it is vital to be properly evaluated and treated by a trained physician. Scotch Plains Family Chiropractic acknowledges their specialized area of expertise and are trained to recognize the need for immediate medical referrals when conditions present themselves as such.

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Serious and costly injuries do not always result in immediate pain or bloodshed. Low-Velocity Injuries(under 10 mph), tend to result from the rapid movement of the body during the accident. This movement typically results in muscle strains, seat belt bruising, and/or traumatic brain injury(TBI). Other symptoms may be delayed, but pain and stiffness may occur within 12-36 hours after impact. Common symptoms also seen are neck pain or stiffness, low back pain or stiffness, headaches, pain between the shoulder blades, blurred vision, fatigue, and dizziness. High-Velocity Injuries(over 10 mph), tend to result from a second impact, the body hitting objects inside the vehicle such as the dashboard, steering wheel, or window. Common injuries of this kind include shoulder, head or knee hematomas, wrist fractures, neck sprains, concussions, and a myriad of other soft tissue injuries. Traumatic Cervical Syndrome, otherwise known as whiplash, occurs when the neck is forcibly moved through a series of movements faster than the bones, muscles, and ligaments can accommodate. Some common symptoms include swelling, tenderness, weakness, or pain in the neck and shoulder, sore throat and/or loss of voice, difficulty swallowing, jaw problems, vomiting, headaches, light headedness or dizziness, painful tingling sensations, blurred vision, and ringing in the ears. Symptoms might be immediate or delayed in presentation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 800,000 people suffer from whiplash every year. Costs related to whiplash total more than 5 billion annually! Proper care can help reduce long term pain, discomfort and dysfunction.

A thorough examination by a chiropractic physician is a wise precaution to detrmine the presence or absence of "hidden" injuries and the not so hidden injuries. Confer immediately with your doctor of chiropractic who will determine the extent of any injuries.

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